15 March 22

Research from Triple Point Ventures and Beauhurst finds total value of startup exits hit record-breaking £26.7bn in 2021

  • Annual report from Triple Point Ventures and research firm Beauhurst finds 781 high-growth company exits took place in 2021, the most since the series began 
  • Total value of all exits reached a record-breaking £26.7bn 
  • Findings show UK startup community rebounded dramatically after pandemic and Brexit-related disruption 


“This research shows the UK startup community bounced back phenomenally following the pandemic – but it’s the longer-term success story that’s most interesting to me.  

Over the past ten years, we’ve seen the UK startup ecosystem mature, with world-leading companies proving compelling to venture capital investors. Far more businesses have therefore gone on to become attractive IPO candidates or acquisition targets, culminating in these bumper figures. We believe UK startups are innovative enough and resilient enough for this trend to continue into the future.” Commented Seb Wallace, Investment Director at Triple Point Ventures.  


Read the announcement in City AM. 

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