High-conviction seed capital.
Fast. Reliable. Accessible.

The cheque is
just the beginning.

We back new ideas, clear vision and an obsessive pursuit of change, writing tickets from £500k up to £2m. We get the founder mindset, having backed over 70 companies to date.

As B2B experts,
we go deeper.

We invest in B2B software businesses in sectors including fintech, data, AI, healthcare, vertical SaaS and energy. Our deliberate, research-led approach ensures we understand the dynamics of every company we invest in.

What we like.

Domain experts
Our companies are built by life-long learners, who have an expert grasp of their sectors, giving them an inherent unfair advantage.
Contrarian thinkers
Our portfolio teams each have unique takes on their evolving markets that others often don’t see in the same way.
Software enabled products
Our businesses are all focused on building top-tier software or software-enabled products, designed to deliver powerful efficiency gains for their customers.
Significant markets
Our founders are all building in either large or fast-growing markets, with significant future potential and room to become a breakout success.
Seed-stage businesses
Our companies are typically at seed stage (<£1m ARR) when we meet them, although we will look at pre-seed deals where a business has a compelling, expert team.
Top-tier UK teams
Our startups are unashamedly opinionated. They are building sports teams – not just families. They all have either a UK HQ, or at least one UK team member.

Proud to work with exceptional companies.